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Hello Parents and Dear Students...Oh ! Sorry dudes ....

Congratulations !! On entering the doorsteps (first year) of your technical Career .So now the same  old tradition looking for a  tuition.Well I  call these tuitions  Vitamin T .The noun coaching sounds good and feels much  better.Vitamin T has become the most essential vitamin for students without which education finds Its way far difficult to survive. Overdose of this vitamin puts the students at a disadvantage.
It's a fashion from first grade to XII and now its available in attractive packages for Engineering students.

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So Where are you and Where are you going ?

         Tutorials  is the last place we all go...In fact well  quoted..                                   
                                    "Tuition's follows the students"

But actually...........Think..   What Helps Students Learn ?

The world is changing rapidly and we  are moving into an age of artificial intelligence and knowledge.But a very few Technical schools and tutorials have taken  into account these transformations. Especially in cities like Bangluru which is the hub of  the finest Technical colleges(v.t.u & deemed) in India and a knowledge destination.

We, engineering educators ,psychologists and tutors , are forced to imagine, create and develop new ways for the education and training of future engineers allowing autonomous self-learning practices to access information and knowledge.                        

I have been  teaching technical students and running engineering tuition centres in Bangalore  from past 12 years.Students learn in different ways.
I myself as a teacher,psychologist and a counselor call ...  My teaching as a cooperative  group learning process ,because teaching is all about creating the appropriate environment for learning  to take place.  I find pleasure teaching in such a style Because it makes me feel one among the students and understand them much better...Seeing the  students hearing and discussing with one another about the subjects... ...and excellent results...just thrills me.

I started my teaching career as a lecturer and personal tutor in  teaching a variety of technical subjects and mathematics to both pre University( 12th grade) and Engg.. students.Since  then teaching and students has become major areas of my research along with adolescence psychology and mathematics. ......At present due to my busy schedule as an Artist and a psychotherapist

              I only take interactive classes/group coaching for the First year  students.

                              But... Why only for First year.?

It is because teaching the first year semester students has offered me several new challenges  relating to cognition, learning,behavior, and teaching methods.

irst year students come to college with diverse  backgrounds,abilities, knowledge and  interests.It is assumed in Technical colleges  that these new comers are matured enough and intelligent., But researches show a vast percentage of  pre university students lack the sense of responsibility and ,problem solving ,and sound judgment skills required to do well in engineering.This is  really a bad assumption made by lecturers  and with no proper guidance these student end up with poor results or with good results with no or very little understanding of the subject being  taught.

Specially subjects like Mathematics and Basic Electrical & Electronics in the first two semesters need special attention for the basics to be understood.These subjects form the foundation and motivations for higher semesters in Engg..curriculum.The teaching practices in the high school colleges and tutorials often leads to create disengaged students with poor reading and analytical skills to understand them.

Many new comers also face homesickness,roommate problems,health problems social life, and intense peer pressure to get involved with smoking, alcohol and drugs.With the lack of confidence there is a poor performance in academics leading to year backs and dropping out.Such students require supportive relationship with the lecturer or professor.

Also in my special classes and counseling  with year back students,I have noticed students accompanied by their parents totally losing their confidence and getting depressed.and completely unable to cope up with the subjects.

eaching ,tutoring,mentoring,listening,counseling these students of first year has helped me to see several psychological and instructional issues that need further exploration.

My goal as an engineering educator and as a Friend to all my OLD students and  NEW comers is to
  " Lead them where they want to go.."

                                         MY DEAR STUDENTS ......I  LUV  U ALL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .........Mudassir Shaikh 

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